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Dedicated Database Server

Classic Websites has a scenario where corporately we have always developed our Oracle apps to have the database user connect to the database through a dedicated database server connection. This allows for the application DBA to be able to trace each session back to the user. A new project is underway and they are looking at using globalization of sessions where a pool of connections is established up front and the users connect via one of the established connections.

This is supposed to have some performance benefits but I am worried we will lose the ability to track a sessions back to the user or a certain amount of database auditing. The app being developed now is .net and the Microsoft techniques have said session pooling is the way to go for an app with a large number of users connecting to the database. Our system DBA is not keen on the globalization of sessions at all and wants to maintain a dedicated user connection.

I am the application DBA in the middle trying to find the best solution from a practical, cost effective perspective. Classic Websites do have some documents with pros and cons to both but am wondering what you're standpoint may be on this topic. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions, opinions on dedicated database server would be greatly appreciated.

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