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Highly professional, courteous, always willing to help the clients, always bring new ideas for the design...I am happy that I found you...You will be on my top priority to recommend others who would like to create their website...thanks and great job.

Classic Websites and their staff are committed to provide their customers with great service and product. I am happy i met them.

You did a great job. I loved the patience that you had with me. I’m sorry for the all the inconveniences. I’m a very busy man and Thanks for the patience.. God Bless you.

K-SOFT is an excellent web developing company which understands the client requirements and goes that extra mile to accomplish objectives

I have had a couple marketing and business professionals look at the site and they tell me it is very "professional," which makes me feel good. Excellent job. No matter what assignment I give to Classic Websites, it is done quickly, and professionally.

I am pleased with the way the website looks and my position in the searches engines for "noisy water heater." I do refer my clients to Classic Websites.

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Web Marketing (Promotion)
Classic Websites is a great website design and marketing company located in Jacksonville. We are dedicated to providing cost effective website design, maintenance, and marketing for our region.

Classic Websites partners with a diverse and prominent portfolio of clients, from medium-size organizations to Fortune 100 corporations. Classic Websites has offices across the United States and is known for being the most experienced, qualified and professional Internet consultants in the world.

Our Internet Marketing Services includes:
Improve Website Ranking
Website Promotion
Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Registration
Manual Search Engine Submission
Link Exchange

Not an Ordinary Online Marketing Firm
In today's market, there is a broad range of internet online marketing opportunities. Successful internet online marketing depends largely on your ability to identify those that provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience in a scalable and cost effective manner. Classic Websites designs, develops, and implements custom web systems and integrated internet online marketing solutions that focus on brand awareness, audience development, and customer retention.

Search Engine Marketing
With research confirming that 70-80% of prospective web customers use search engines or search directories to find relevant content, search engine marketing is the most widely used method of attracting visitors to a website. As a result, competition is fierce at the top of the search engines. Classic Websites search engine marketing services are designed to get your site noticed when potential buyers are looking for the products and services you have to offer. Our Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC Bid Management, and Trusted Feed services target the Internet's major search properties to drive self-qualified prospects to your site - the specific audiences that are looking for your products, content, and/or services.

Tip: Using e-mail to keep your existing customers / Good internet marketing strategy.

Our objective is quite simply to help clients of all types Design websites, find new customers online, and increase sales and profits without spending more than they need to. We have put together website design and marketing plans for the small businesses. Whether it be business to business websites pertaining to agriculture, farm equipment or food processing, or business to consumer e-commerce websites of our retail products and services landscape, Classic Websites is ready to help you Design, Market, and maintain the website that will best communicate your Mission.

We know that the most important aspect of success on the Internet is good Search Engine Ranking. That is why we believe that websites should be simple and to the point. We provide text development and attractive and great design's to achieve your success. We provide all aspects of Internet Marketing Tools. If you need to put expensive accessories like Animation and Audio on your website we can do that. If not, we will not try to sell you something you do not need.

Classic Websites is in the business of Web designing and Development, marketing and maintaining websites for clients who understand that the Internet is the way that business will be done in the future. Let us not kid ourselves. The Internet is still in it's infancy. It will continue to grow at an astronomical rate. Even now, the Internet is the most economic and effective way for businesses to communicate to a world wide audience. Our belief is that it is better to be positioned sooner rather than later.
If you are not doing business online ....... you should!

If you do not have a website......we can design it!

If you have a website that is not working......we can help u out!
We understand the importance of the Website's Design. We also understand the importance of the maintenance and marketing of the website. The goal of having a website is to create traffic.

We use many marketing techniques to attract visitors to your website. We provide the complete website service for the businesses and industries. We will build your website and provide ongoing maintenance to ensure that your website remains successful.
A great looking website is wonderful......unless no one sees it!

To work, a site must generate traffic......not just look cool!

Improve Website Ranking
We know your search engine ranking! Do you?
Advanced Web Ranking tracks the position of your website in the search engines and shows where your competition is ranked compared to your site. Create and send reports automatically Schedule project updates at the time of your choice and generate reports in PDF, HTML, Excel, XML, CSV and Text. Upload the reports to your website via FTP or automatically send them by email to your clients.

Submit your website to Search Engines
Submit your website to all major search engines that will ensure your online presence in USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, China, and many other countries. Web promotion has become an exact science. Achieving and maintaining top 10 website ranking is an ongoing and labor intensive challenge Don't leave the success of your business to chance. Your website ranking can make or break your Internet business. To thrive on the web you must purposefully promote your site with proven website ranking strategy.

Classic Websites is expert in field of website promotion and optimization and has successfully promoted lot of small and big websites on search engines, if you too are interested to promote your website on search engines than feel free to contact us anytime to improve your website rankings.

Classic Websites offer several cost-effective website ranking services, from corporate-level solutions to packages for small businesses who cannot afford to miss out. We deliver an affordable website ranking and Google promotion service for your company. If you want 300+ first page Yahoo, MSN and Google search engine ranking positions join us today. Our website ranking and promotion packages deliver in just weeks.

Website Promotion
A website promotion campaign can be a complex and time-consuming endeavor. It involves everything from the optimization of your website meta tags, increasing link popularity and determining the precise keyword density. Classic Websites offers the most cost-effective search engine optimization and search engine registration methods available today. Website Promotion is time-consuming, so don't spend precious time with promotion of your site when you have a business to run, leave that to the web promotion specialists!

Whether your company is new to the web or your website has been up for years, our web promotion team will professionally optimize and submit your website in major search engines and get the ranking you need to get the visitors hits needed to make you business successful. Nowadays so many websites are on the web but without their proper website promotion business cannot be benefited.

Ethical website promotion methodologies: Our goal is to promote quality search engine optimization and placement services! It is our methodologies and proven approach that helps to outperform the competition!

Web promotion has become an exact science. Achieving and maintaining top 10 website ranking is an ongoing and labor intensive challenge Our web promotion services includes (a) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and (b) Search Engine Registration.

Search Engine Optimization
Website optimization for search engines is much more than meta tagging, backend site structure, because competition for keywords is fierce, our freelance website promotion team uses a combination of "on the page" and "off the page" tactics in developing, implementing and monitoring your online promotion strategy.
Website optimization steps to be implemented on your website:
Optimize home page for search engines
Optimize website design for search engines
Optimize website text and images for search engines
Review current website
Research & Identify keyword phrases
Creating keyword phrase
Create page titles
Create meta descriptions
Open Directory description*
Follow up search engine ranking*
Submission to top search engines

* Conditions apply
Along with suitable search terms and useful site content, search engine friendly website design and website usability are also integral part of search engine optimization. Well designed, easily navigation, as well as persuasive content could make the users stay there, thus significantly contributing to a successful website.
Website Promotion is a continuous process.
Click here to see our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) steps.

Click here to see Meta Tags Optimization Tips (SEO) steps.

Search Engine Registration
Unfortunately, website owners often don't take full advantage of this important marketing opportunity. They either don't bother submitting their website at all or use one of the many "free" website registration services available (Some search engines also offers paid services under which they charge a fee for the listing of your website in their search engine) . Even though each search engine has their own requirements for the way in which information should be submitted. The "free" services typically submit your website in a single generic submission. Website owners are often bewildered when, several weeks or even months after their site has been submitted, they still can't find their company through any of the major search engines.

We strongly recommend that you take a very thoughtful approach to this effort, with careful attention to each search engines unique specifications. If you submit your website incorrectly for the first time, you may not get another chance. For instance, Yahoo, the most often used search engine on the Internet, is very unforgiving to improperly submitted sites. They do not allow multiple page submissions and will ignore your attempts to resubmit your website if your first submission was ineffective.

To further complicate this challenge, each week tens of thousands of new websites are submitted to the major search engines causing existing sites in the directory to move up and down in their ranking. Websites submitted using all the legitimate techniques available will appear and then move up in the search engine listings while those submitted improperly may never appear.

Due to the amount of new search engines and web directories that appear on the internet, Classic Websites would advise you to submit your site at least once every six months for placement. Your website will take from several days and up to 12 weeks before you will be listed on some of the search engines. Many of the directories visit your website before they will list your site, so this can take several days to several weeks or even months to be listed on a search engine.

Classic Websites search engines optimization and search engines registrations services will help you achieve the best results for your site. We cannot, nor can anyone else guarantee you that you will be a #1 ranking on Google, Yahoo, AOL, or any other major search engines.

We design your web pages with keeping website promotion in mind; it's easy to identify website design issues that could cause you problems with search engines. Next, decide what search engines registration and placement strategies to use and constantly monitor your site's performance. ddddd

Manual Search Engine Submission
Manual submissions to the search engines have their advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages are greater than the disadvantages. Some advantages of manual search engine submission are that you have absolute control over the submission process.

If a search engine has updated their web forms, or if their is an error in the submission process you can more easily work around these problems then any of the automated submission processes. The automated submission processes use a "script" to submit your website. If any unexpected error happens during the submission, the script may not know how to handle the error.

Internet Directory submission process is geared so specifically to each particular directory, it is impossible for any auto-submission program to submit your website to any directory because it isn't able to study the directory's structure and determine which category is the best. Yahoo and Dmoz, the biggest, most popular Internet Directories, also are the most difficult Directories to get into for example. You MUST hand/manual submit your website to these top Internet Directories to identify the most appropriate category for your website. Success only comes when you submit a quality website to the proper category in these target Directories.

Manual search engine submission is a MUST for some top search engines like Google, AltaVista, Lycos, Fast / AllTheWeb, and so on. These Major indices do not allow auto-submission to them. They work with a submission code (embedded in an image), cookie, e-mail suggestion URL and something else. It makes hand-tailoring submission to them is a MUST for optimum results. Effective website promotion to the major search engines is a vital part of any successful website.

Second, although most auto-submission programs emulate browsers or claim to emulate them, it remains easy for search engines to distinct manual submissions from auto-submissions.
Furthermore, due to the fact major search engines receive tons of auto-submissions a day and get nothing in return (They cannot show you a banner or advertising), though manual search engine submission may be more time consuming than auto-submission, but a fair amount of optimization specialists stick with the former

Though website manual submission involves many steps with more time consuming, but you are absolutely guaranteed the manual submission done by hand by our real person rather than by using software that automates the process.

There are no magic tricks or dynamic html codes that once placed within your website will get your website ranked. Instead we rely on humans’ power. Our freelance programmers are highly trained and are kept well aware of the changing technology and updates that occurs at all major search engines and directories.

During the keyword search at major search engines, where is your website listed? Top 10, 20 or 30? If you are not listed anywhere in top 40, than you are missing out the profit & opportunities of expanding your business, by the means of web promotion.

The greatest disadvantage to any type of manual submission is that it can be time consuming and laborious work.

Link Exchange
Link Exchange - How can Classic Websites help me?
Did you know that 'link popularity' has a major affect on where your website appears in search engine results? Put simply, the more sites that link to you, the higher your link popularity. This is especially true if the linking site is similar in content to yours.

Classic Websites is here to assist in finding website publishers like you who are willing to exchange reciprocal links and the best thing? It’s FREE! Classic Websites provides only professional free link exchange which enables good traffic to website. For Free link exchange.

Just email us for link exchange it is 100% free. The price is simply a link back to Classic Websites Within a couple of working days your link is reviewed and you are sent your link exchange details.

- All sites are categorized.
- All submissions are human reviewed
- Classic Websites is Spam free

Call : 1-877-574-7638 or CLICK HERE
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