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Highly professional, courteous, always willing to help the clients, always bring new ideas for the design...I am happy that I found you...You will be on my top priority to recommend others who would like to create their website...thanks and great job.

Classic Websites and their staff are committed to provide their customers with great service and product. I am happy i met them.

You did a great job. I loved the patience that you had with me. I’m sorry for the all the inconveniences. I’m a very busy man and Thanks for the patience.. God Bless you.

K-SOFT is an excellent web developing company which understands the client requirements and goes that extra mile to accomplish objectives

I have had a couple marketing and business professionals look at the site and they tell me it is very "professional," which makes me feel good. Excellent job. No matter what assignment I give to Classic Websites, it is done quickly, and professionally.

I am pleased with the way the website looks and my position in the searches engines for "noisy water heater." I do refer my clients to Classic Websites.

Exclusive Services > Software Services >>CGI / Perl

Classic Websites has been developing CGI scripts for over 6 years. Using the best web-technologies available anywhere in the world, we develop websites with CGI, Perl, HTML, Active Server Pages, Flash, PHP, Java servlets and JSPs (Java Server Pages). Other areas of expertise include XML/XSL, Java Sax XML parser, EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans), Informix, Oracle, Mysql, Apache web server, Tomcat Java/JSP server, Websphere application server and WebLogic application server.

CGI Scripting or CGI (Common Gateway Interface), is the interface between your site and the web server that allows information to flow freely back and forth. We are experts in CGI Scripting and we can build you a site that functions fully on the web, opening up a world of information to your online customer. Classic Websites has experienced PHP programmers that can develop custom PHP applications, modify existing ones or simply fix PHP applications that are not working properly.

We offer some CGI scripts on an off-the-shelf basis, meaning they can be simply plugged into most sites (providing your hosting supports the CGI language), where they'll work right out of the box. Examples of the library functions we offer include a simple site search, an HTML form to email, news letter subscription / un subscription, and web counter / unique number generator. Alternatively, if your needs are more specific, we can program your entire script from scratch once we know your exact needs.

At Classic Websites our technically superior team of software engineers readily takes on all challenges and deliver on the most complicated and time pressure jobs. The team is spearheaded by senior project managers who have many years of experience both domestically and working abroad at client site for prestigious projects.

Classic Websites has an impressive track record in delivering high-quality, feature-rich applications for and on-behalf of its clients. We accomplish this by providing our skilled development teams with high-end infrastructure, access to the latest technologies and an evolved development methodology based on current standards and best of practice. Web design is an art and we are looking forward to make your web site a state of art.

CGI is a large and widely used Perl module for programming Common Gateway Interface (CGI) web applications, providing a consistent API for receiving user input and producing HTML or XHTML output.

CGI defines specification by which a Web server passes data between itself and an application program. Typically, a Web user will make a request of the Web server, which in turn passes the request to a CGI application program. The program processes the request and passes the answer to the server, which in turn sends it to the user. The entire interchange follows the rules of the CGI specification, which is actually part of the HTTP protocol. CGI application programs can be written in such programming languages as C++ and Visual Basic, but are usually written in Perl.

Perl is a high-level computer programming language, the most popular language for writing CGI scripts and the premier scripting (or interpreted) language of the World Wide Web. Since it has roots in UNIX, its syntax is similar to C and it includes several UNIX utilities. Because of its excellent text-processing capability, it is widely used by system administrators (for writing administrative tasks) and is especially suited for developing prototype versions of programs. Because it is an interpreted language, its programs are highly portable across different operating systems.

These combinations makes Perl a popular all-purpose tool for system administrators, particularly as short programs can be entered and run on a single command line.

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