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Multi User Mail

Professional email for the small to medium-sized business that wants multiple mailboxes to support a growing staff. Administrative controls let you allocate mailboxes and storage space based on the needs of each staff member. Take your 100MBs of space and divvy it up into 10 mailboxes. You're in control.

+ Sharing Capabilities
+ Administrative Tools
+ Advanced Anti-Virus
+ Advanced Anti-Spam
+ Personal Calendar
+ File Cabinet
+ POP3
+ Advanced Mail Forwarding
+ Basic Features
plus your domain name
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Sharing Capabilities
Store your important company documents in a single location accessible from the Internet. Manage your business or organization by creating shared calendars, address books and file folders. Also, control the level of access your colleagues have to these shared resources.

Administrative Tools
Log into an administrative control panel where you can create and delete accounts, re-distribute storage space, create global address books and change the appearance of your WebMail interface.

Advanced Anti-Virus
With maximum virus protection, inbound messages and compressed file attachments are scanned for virus attacks. Plus, updates the virus database every 12 hours to help protect your email from the latest viruses making the rounds.

Advanced Anti-Spam
Set your own preferences for Spam and junk mail filtering, which can be directed to a special folder for your review. You can also manage blocklists and whitelists that prevent or allow incoming email from specific addresses.

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol, which is a method of accessing electronic mail kept on a (possibly shared) mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program to access remote message stores as if they were local. For example, email stored on an IMAP server.

Personal Calendar
Keep track of your schedule and meetings with your staff as well as make notes about the appointments you have outside the office.

File Cabinet
Organize and store your files so you can quickly find the information you need. An online file cabinet makes it easy for you to create folders for specific documents or to store email from specific individuals.

With POP3, you can download your mail into email software such as Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft® Outlook Express and Eudora.™

Advanced Mail Forwarding
Use advanced rules to determine which messages to forward.
Spell Check
Don't be embarrassed by spelling mistakes! Check your spelling in any of eight languages before you press send.

10 MB Attachment Size
Send attachments up to 10MB in size - perfect for sharing photos, MP3s and presentations.

HTML Composer
Customize your messages by choosing the font, colors and text size you want with our easy-to-use editing tools. Design your emails to get attention.

Automatic Address Book
Update your contact list instantly with anyone who's not currently in your address book when you send them an email message.

Moving Your Email
Do you already have an email account with another provider? Our Email Moving Guide will walk you through the simple process of moving your existing email account(s) to your new account.
Call : 1-877-575-7638 or CLICK HERE
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